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bankruptcy litigation
Negotiation & Settlement

In connection with our firm’s personal and corporate bankruptcy practice, we represent clients in a wide variety of legal engagements, including debt negotiations, settlement discussions, and active bankruptcy litigation.

We strongly believe that the best solutions to problems often can be achieved out-of-court in a cost-effective manner. Our lawyers have extensive experience negotiating with friendly and opposing parties in a plethora of legal and business contexts, and we actively negotiate with lenders and other creditors to achieve consistently superior results for clients without resorting to litigation. Many creditors accurately view litigation as a very costly and time-consuming endeavor and are often willing to negotiate with debtors who are represented by attorney counsel. Most creditors view the hiring of an attorney by a debtor to be a firm commitment to fight unscrupulous action on the part of the creditor, and this choice often vastly increases the chances of an amicable resolution.

Bankruptcy Litigation

There are some situations in which bankruptcy litigation is unavoidable. When bankruptcy litigation becomes necessary in connection with a client’s case, we aggressively defend our client’s interests in court. Our lawyers have represented clients in a wide variety of bankruptcy litigation contexts, including motions to value and avoid liens, non-dischargeability actions, motions to dismiss under 707(b), opposition to relief from stay, and a plethora of other bankruptcy litigation contexts.

The success of any negotiation or bankruptcy litigation is dependent on the individual circumstances of the client’s case. If you would like to discuss your legal needs with a Nova Law Group attorney and see what resolutions might be possible with regard to your specific case, we would be pleased to assist you.