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The decision to file bankruptcy can be difficult, but it is sometimes the best option. It is helpful to remember that bankruptcy laws exist because sometimes bad things happen to good people. In our experience, most people filing for bankruptcy are hard-working men and women who have simply hit very challenging times. Bankruptcy can often provide a fresh start for clients by relieving them of the crushing financial burdens of their situation, even where traditional non-bankruptcy alternatives are impractical or have previously failed.

At Nova Law Group, we work closely with our clients to determine both eligibility to file a personal bankruptcy case, and to analyze whether a bankruptcy case will best serve an individual client’s needs relative to other non-bankruptcy options. If it appears that a bankruptcy case should be pursued, we provide counsel to our clients every step of the way, from the initial filing of the bankruptcy petition, all the way until case completion.

Nova Law Group clients have used personal bankruptcy in the past to wipe out all of the following types of unsecured debts: credit card debts, medical debts, personal or business lines of credit, judgments from lawsuits, business debts, attorney’s fees, deficiency judgments, and many others. Additionally, personal bankruptcy can be used to wipe out all liability for secured debt on property that is to be surrendered to the creditor, such as secured debt on a residence, investment property, or vehicle that the client no longer wishes to keep.

Even where the client wishes to retain real estate or other personal property, some types of bankruptcy can allow for delinquent payments to be cured over time, or for certain secured debts to be wiped out entirely along with any corresponding liens. Additionally, these bankruptcy options, unlike similar non-bankruptcy alternatives, often do not require the consent of the secured creditor or other lender.

If you would like to explore whether personal bankruptcy might address your needs, please contact a Nova Law Group attorney and we will be pleased to discuss your options with you.